A Story To Tell: Amanda

When I got to LA. One of the first things I noticed was how serious the homelessness situation was. I wasn’t completely ignorant to the issue, but I came from a relatively small town next to a big town. Working for the radio station and working with the police department, I learned about the families that were living in hotels and motels. The drug incidents in the area etc. And finally I started to see the number of homeless people grow. Like I actually saw the people. At first it was one person in an intersection, then more and more. But still it was nothing like the number of folks I’ve seen in LA.

I started to take photos of the homeless to humanize them. Often I would see people just walk by them like they were invisible. And it really hurt to witness that. I would try to help when I could by giving money or buying food, but that’s only helps for a moment.

Then a Facebook friend shared this post about these interviews with a young woman named Amanda. Honestly, the second and third interview was one of the hardest things to watch. To see the decline of this young lady, to see what drugs and life and do to someone. I’m not trying to talk long about it. But I wanted to share and just say “You never know what someone is going thru.”

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