Daniel Willis Taylor Assaults McDonald’s Employee Over A Straw.

When things like this happen, I always think of one movie and two situations. The Movie “A TIME TO KILL”, the two situations Samuel L. Jackson’s character and Matthew McConaughey’s closing argument.

What would I do if someone put their hands on someone I loved. Especially, one of the women I care for. I honestly try my best to treat others (AGAIN AND I REPEAT ESPECIALLY WOMEN) the way I want to be treated. Hoping that those good vibes will be returned and someone will treat my mother, sister, nieces, and etc with the same good vibes. I will tell you right now, the day I get a call saying a man put their hands on someone I loved. That man will never have to worry about chewing a meal or using his hands to piss or wipe. He’ll have no teeth and he’ll use a bag to do the rest.

It doesn’t matter what words were exchanged before HE GRABBED HER. It doesn’t matter how loud it got or what possible profanities were said. THIS GROWN ASS MAN REACH OVER A COUNTER AND GRABBED AND ASSAULTED A WOMAN! And what was it over, a straw. Daniel Willis Taylor grabbed this young lady over a straw. I dare someone to argue his point and said. “Don’t worry I’ll wait”

Also I don’t care what the situation is, if you see a man put his hands on a woman, he instantly gets an invitation to get KNOCKED THE **** OUT!! PERIOD!! How those men stood or just tried to break them apart, I can’t understand. How did it not upset them to the point of HULK RAGE that this man thought it was ok to assault her. He would have got the straw and these McHands for free.

In case you don’t know how to address a weak man like Daniel Willis Taylor. Check out the video below. This MAN stepped in and handles like a professional.

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