New Music From Young M.A., Shawn Mendez, Big Boi, and Jennifer Hudson

When I heard Monica, I got really hype. Of course, being a fan of the sample, I was hoping she would have used the whole hook. Didn’t quite work out like that, which was disappointing. Then we get into Young M.A.’s verse. I get the story she was telling, but the flow and the words just sounded like Ooouuu to me. I really want to root for Young M.A. I like female MC’s to be a topic of discussion when it comes to rap. But, if every song is the same tempo, same flow, and just remixes of songs we kinda heard before, I feel she’ll be stuck where she’s at. I want her to be a dope lyricist. Maybe one day.

Shawn Mendez pretty much has a formula and hits it in the pocket with every single. Most of his songs start out with an easy gentle pace, then he picks it up. You definitely go from a two step into a foot loose sweat bust with his music. As I thought about Shawn’s music, it almost made me want to review Young M.A.’s music again. Maybe she just found her formula and its working for her too. Or Shawn is making the same old type of music, and needs to switch it up a bit. CLICK HERE for Lyric Video

Joint FIRE!!! I don’t care what no one says. Production is dope and we have a southern lyricist on the track. And yea, I’ve been an ATLien fan forever, but still this joint is on a new level. CLICK HERE For Youtube Video.

When J. Hud sings, you can’t do nothing but feel every emotion that, that the song is portraying. Jennifer is definitely the type of artist that when you hear someone playing her song, you know exactly what that person is doing through. You can’t really miss with Jennifer. She has her formula, too. This song is definitely a good one for the ears. CLICK HERE For Youtube Video


This is my first kind of new music review, but it definitely won’t be my last. Next time, since soundcloud be fakin’ or the artist profiles be fakin’ about letting you hear the whole song, I might attach the whole song/video for you to check it out. Not sure yet. If you would like to receive new music from your favorite major artist. CLICK HERE.

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