Opening Up For Boyz II Men Was Part Of My 5 Top Radio Moments

First I just want to let everybody know I was 100% emotional at the Boyz II Men concert and that is ok. It is perfectly aiight for grown men to be in their feelings because of what Boyz II Men meant to us in the 90s and now. The best part about it, other men felt the same way, lol. All of them bammas voices does something to the human spirit that makes you feel some kinda way. They did all their hits, but my personal favorite song is usually UNDER PRESSURE from their first album. But my goodness, the show was so amazing! Of course we all know Boyz II Men have great voices and great songs, but to see them in person is an experience! They did country, rock, and surprised the burg with a dope song. Definitely hope they come back.

Oh, and we kinda opened up for the guys had some folks dancing and having a good time. lol Hopefully, they’ll have some more Hip Hop & R&B act and we’ll open up again. If you have any photos from Saturday, please tag us and like us. Look me up on instagram, facebook, and twitter @therealdj2much

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