Survive The Walking Dead Blooper Reel

For a while now I’ve wanted to do a web series. I’ve had a couple of ideas and I actually still plan on doing a lot of them. But this one I think will be the easiest to put together, but will still have great entertainment quality. I have to send a special thanks to my fam Robin, Willie, and Anthony. I really couldn’t have done the first episode without them.

From the title you might have gathered that this web series is like The Walking Dead, well you would be correct. The Walking Dead originally takes place in Georgia, but after a couple of seasons they make their way up to Virginia. Being so successful, they made a spinoff called Fear The Walking Dead thats based in Los Angeles. The Walking Dead picks up in the middle of all the chaos and dead walking, where Fear The Walking Dead shows the beginning of it all. You don’t know where the disease or plague starts, but there’s a type of origin. The shows are really great, a lot of folks think its about the walkers (zombies), but their first tagline is perfect to describe the show “Fight The Dead, Fear The Living”. The walkers are going to do the same thing, which is try to eat the living, but tis the people that will lie, steal, and kill. So its like who’s more dangerous walkers or strangers, or maybe even people you trusted that just to live.

So I had the idea since they come to Virginia in the show, Alexandria to be exact. Why not show how it began in the DMV (D.C., Maryland, Virginia for the out of towners, lol.). Literally, I thought about this on a Sunday and a week later, we were filming it. I didn’t write down anything, I just had all the shots and sequence in my head. So we went from scene to scene and of course as professional as I am I messed up here and there, lol. So here’s the blooper reel from the first episode. Hopefully, I’ll have it edited and ready within a week or 2.

SURVIVE THE WALKING DEAD BLOOPER REEL from The Southern Gentleman DJ 2Much on Vimeo.


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