Teen Tells Judge He Bought Tiger Cub On Streets Of Tijuana

Now I know that the teen had a tiger and I put the video for the Lion King. But if the teen didn’t do the move when Rafiki held up Simba at least 10 times, Congratulation, ya played yourself!!

The teen who is a resident of San Diego tried to cross the border from TJ (Us that lived in San Diego call Tijuana TJ) with a Bengal Tiger. CMON SON!!! How in the BIG TIGGER did you think that was going to happen? So you know he was arrested, but you can take a tiger from the US to Mexico, but you can’t bring a tiger from Mexico to the US. Its just not finna happen.

So he tells the judge that he bought the tiger for $300, which I can only say for that price, I probably would have bought the tiger too. Tijuana has always had great prices and bargains. Also the problem was he didn’t even try to hide the tiger, it was on ┬áthe passenger seat floor. He could at least put him in the seat with the seat belt. They probably would have just gave him a warning then, safety first.


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