Uber Driver Drops Off Her Boyfriend’s Sidechick To His Place. 0_o

First to be real about it, #UberBae is bad #AF! I picked the pic below, but the other pics I wanted to put up were definitely OMG!!! This dude was cheating on you!!! Now of course there’s real issues here, but the biggest one to me is WHO IS CHEATING IN 2017? There is too many social media sites, apps, snitches and haters to be trying to do any real dirt.

Why do all that hard extra work of lying, and trying to remember the lie, and trying to be creative and believable. As I’m writing this I’m getting madder at ol’ boy for cheating on her, lol. CLICK HERE to see a video of uberbae, its kinda safe for work, lol. And CLICK HERE to see another pic of her.

Now I’m not saying that looks are the only thing that matter in a relationship. But BRRRUUHHHH SHE BAD!!! If ol’boy wasn’t interested in her or the relationship wasn’t good anymore, he should had broke up with her. Clearly, dude was being greedy. All I’m saying is ya’ll got #SaltBae, thank God for #UberBae. And her tweets are funny, lol.




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