Unite The Right Rally DC 8.12.18

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This past weekend I attended 3 different protest against the #UniteTheRight2 rally in DC. I went to simply document, but was ready to right any wrongs I saw. Or to have some type of dialogue with anyone on the other side.

It was really dope to see so many people come together to stand against hate and fight for love and what’s right. I was really disappointed that more of those who Supported the first Unite The Right rally didn’t show up in DC. It tells me that they’re really not about that life. To there hundreds that were out in Charlottesville last year. There were only like 40, if that at this one.

The worst moment at the rally, honestly was how we (My black people) were treating the black police officers. No, I wasn’t screaming or calling them names, but I was on that side of the anti unite the right protesters. I know that their have been some bad people who are police officers that have done terrible things, but that doesn’t mean it was those police officers. I’m not going to say all police are bad. I can’t associate all cops together like that. At that time, in that moment of the protesting, those police officers I can only conclude that they didn’t want anyone to get hurt. I don’t know their opinion and I definitely don’t know their life. To keep it a buck, I’ll be petty in a minute. Seconds it the situation calls for it. But that moment was to real to be calling out those officers trying to protect and serve there. The focus should had be on the bammas who showed up and even the bammas who were too scared to show. Yes when the name calling on the police officers happened, we made sure the energy was redirected by on the Unite The Right bammas, but the name calling shouldn’t have happened in the first place.

So in all, we gotta do more and do better. And for anyone that decides to do wrong and is in a 2hr driving distance. Watch yo self. I ain’t never scared!

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