Where Beyonce family been hiding at?

Celebrating the life of Uncle Skip! #ripuncleskip

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I’m just saying with all the blog sites, with all the gossip columnist, and oh yea this little thing called THE INTERNET. How are you just not hearing and seeing about Beyonce’s cousin and nem! Beyonce might work hard at staying fit and in shape, but CLEARLY its in the genes. I really wanted to spell it jeans, but I want to be respectful.

Now I’m guessing she’s been on IG for a minute with over 30K followers, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she got all those over night either. She’s a family woman, a nurse, and NO RATCHET photos on the gram.

drake clapping

Condolences to the whole family, this is Mrs. Carter with family at their Uncle Skip’s funeral. I don’t know what Uncle Skip did in life, but thanks to his family and this picture. THE WORLD knows who he is.

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