Life Is What You Make It

Last week I had the opportunity to do mock interview for high school students. It turned out exactly like I thought it would. So were interested in radio, like how to get music played and what I do etc. Others couldn’t care less, they were just there because it was a grade. Then I met this one student that completely stood out and I haven’t even spoken to them yet.

First she was at least 6’2 and there was no question that either she or her parents were from another country because she was very dark skin, actually reminded you of Lupita Nyong’o. So she comes to my table with all the confidents in the world and introduced herself. She sits and I ask the first basic interviewer question from an employer, “So tell me a little bit about yourself.” As I guessed, her parents were from Africa, she played volleyball and basketball, and that she was interested in law. 

I thought that was interesting and all and we’re chopping it up, then I ask “Well where do you see yourself in 5 years?” She says sees herself finishing college and going back to Africa to inform people about their rights and let them know that their rights isn’t something that they have to earn, but that they are owed. She knows the people are being taken advantage of and that they are just do not know. So I asked her “How would you tell people that they have these rights and etc.” And with subtle passion she said “I wouldn’t tell them, I would show them.” And that answer amazed me. We continued to have an awesome conversation and she hit me with another perspective that I never thought of.

On her resume it said she had worked for a camp and I asked her how was that experience, especially since I had been a youth counselor myself. She said she enjoyed it very much and she actually learned a lot working with kids. They showed her how to be in the moment of enjoyment. Working, doing her studies, and going to practices you forget that you can have enjoyment anytime of the day. So why wait til the weekend to enjoy yourself, why can’t I have fun or relax on Tuesday.

And I thought to myself that’s absolutely true, I work Monday through Friday and most Saturdays, Sunday is my only actual day of rest. Or to do nothing rather, even then I’m doing laundry or working on getting stuff together for the next week. I guess that’s the adult thing to do. But when did not living life or enjoying the moment not become an adult thing to do?

A lot of folks look at my social media and what not and might figure that I am a goof and play around often, but I work hard and try my best to be some type of example of happiness. But just like Andre 3000 said in Elevators “And I replied that I had been goin through tha same thing that he had. True I got more fans than the average man but not enough loot to last me, to the end of the week, I live by the beat like you live check to check.” Not talking about the loot part, but I ain’t no different from any other man, I got bills just like him and everyone don’t like me. But life is what you make it. So I’ve decided to try to live just a little bit more life.

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