This Is LA (Homelessness)

The homelessness situation in America has always been an issue to me. Especially, when I first started to see it get serious in little old Fredericksburg, Virginia. I was able to help a little through radio, but I still wanted to do more. Moving to Los Angeles, it being a bigger city its a bigger issue. I see these people and I wonder how did they get there? This could easily be me or someone I know. And the true is we all make mistakes and need help at some point. I would like for people to see these photos and want to help. To either volunteer or to donate to an organization or to even just give a little bit to a person. I have more to say, but that’s what I’ll put right now. P.S. I also would like to know what you think of each photo. What do you feel, what do you see, or what do you think each photo means.

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