What happens when you sign a Music Contract?

I’m always getting emails about how to get music on the radio and who’s the direct connect. First I will say you want to find out who the PD (Program Director), APD (Assistant Program Director), or MD (Music Director) is. Most regular On-Air Talents (DJs) don’t decide what goes on the radio. They can tell those folks “Aye, you should check out this song.” But as for it getting on the air, it’s all on those folks I listed. But it doesn’t hurt to get to know everyone at the station to help campaign for your chance to get your song played.

And even though I love working in radio, do you really need it in 2019? I mean I can understand wanting it, but does the music artist really need it. With Streaming services and platforms like soundcloud, mixcloud, etc. You can reach the world, not just a city or state.

My advice is this learn as much of the business as you can. Be as passionate for the business as much as you are passionate about the art. Because the last thing you want is to end up famously broke.

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